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Lauderman: To be the Changes She Wants to See In the World

While slogging through Freudian concepts and Pavlov’s classical conditioning techniques in pursuit of her psychology degree, Alicia Lauderman’s career goals swiftly deviated off course.

That course took her from her undergraduate degree to the West Virginia University College of Law, from which she graduated on December 20 to begin a career designed to helping children.

A mother of two, Lauderman always had a tender spot in her heart for children. One Sunday morning’s paper acted as a catalyst and took her studies from childhood psychology to enacting laws regarding children.

Oluyemi, Robinson Awarded Public Interest Fellowships

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.— Omolola “Lola” Oluyemi and Paul Robinson, 3L students at the West Virginia University College of Law, have been awarded post-graduate fellowships from the West Virginia Fund for Law in the Public Interest.

The fellowships will allow Oluyemi and Robinson to practice law at a West Virginia public interest organization for one year beginning in fall of 2014.

“This is exceptional opportunity for new lawyers to do meaningful and gratifying work,” said Jennifer Powell, director of WVU Law’s Center for Law and Public Service.

There are two main purposes of the West Virginia Fund for Law in the Public Interest program, according to Powell.

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