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WVU Law Grad Receives Prestigious Leadership Fellowship

Julian Pecora Law Grad

Julian Pecora, a 2020 graduate of the WVU College of Law, has been selected to represent the United States in the prestigious Atlantik-Brücke’s New Bridge Program, a leadership fellowship.  At the end of April, Pecora, an associate attorney at Huntington’s Farrell White & Legg PLLC, will travel to Europe with a small group of young American community leaders. While in Germany and Belgium, the group will meet with high-ranking officials, visit key government and cultural sites, and network with their European counterparts.

 My biggest hope is that I will be able to bring back connections and opportunities for West Virginia,” said Pecora, 28, originally of Clarksburg. “I want to establish a pipeline to this program for WVU Law grads.”

Pecora is only the second West Virginian ever selected by Atlantik-Brücke and will be the only leader from Appalachia on this spring’s trip. The fully funded 10-day program begins with a predeparture seminar in Washington, D.C., where participants get to know one another and make their first valuable connections with the transatlantic community. After completing the program, participants will be integrated into an alumni network with additional events and opportunities for continued exchange. With its New Bridge program, Atlantik-Brücke seeks to garner interest in Europe among more Americans and build a stronger transatlantic community.

Pecora said he is most excited about visiting the European Union and meeting people in Berlin. “I hope to be able to make contacts and then bring those connections back to West Virginia, either through economic development or programs or sending others to the fellowship,” he said.

 Pecora is also the founder of Counsel Connections, a nonprofit networking group intended to connect attorneys and law students. The group is dedicated to retaining and promoting young legal talent in West Virginia. It hosts summer events with firms and law students and has members speak to pre-law groups throughout the state.

 Pecora said his experience at WVU Law inspired him to create the organization. He said he was particularly impacted by WVU Law’s informal social events, where students and faculty could mingle in a relaxed environment.

 That’s where I really heard the message that I could be successful in West Virginia,” he said.

 Erik Legg, a member at Pecora’s firm, confirmed that the so-called “brain drain” has been a problem for the state and legal profession specifically, and touted Pecora’s efforts in combatting the issue.

 Brain drain is certainly a problem,” Legg said. “We want for families in this state to be able to stay here, and Julian has contributed in a really meaningful way with his Counsel Connections program. He’s trying to create the kind of networking and socializing and mutual support structure that you would more commonly associate with bigger cities.”

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