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Article by 3L Bauer Published by Business and Human Rights Organization

Scholarship by 3L Jennifer L. Bauer has been published by an international human rights organization.

The Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) published Bauer’s “ Data Brokers and Human Rights – Big Data, Big Business” in November as part of its Occasional Paper Series.

In the article, Bauer explores the impact personal data collection and the responsibilities of firms that collect, store, process and share that data.

WVU Law Jennifer L. Bauer

Bauer, who is earning a JD with an international law concentration, became interested in data privacy issues after working on an article for the West Virginia Law Review

With the help of Jena Martin , associate dean for innovation and global development, Bauer connected with IHRB and created an independent study that allowed her to earn class credit for her research and writing.

“Once I started working on the law review note, I found that the subject of data privacy was a much bigger area than I originally thought,” Bauer explained. “Experts are already digging into this and trying to identify all of the ways big data analytics is influencing our legal frameworks, environment, business and human rights.”

Bauer hopes the article will help her build a career associated with big data analytics. While government agencies and law firms are not widely seeking big data experts yet, the field is growing in demand, she said.

“I’m currently looking for ways I can gain practical experience and additional subject matter expertise so when that time comes, I’ll be fully prepared to step in and really help move the conversation on big data analytics forward,” she said.

Bauer is a senior editor on the West Virginia Law Review, captain of WVU Law’s Phillip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court team, president of the WVU Law International Law Student Association, and a contributor and editor of the International Law Student Association’s ILSA Quarterly. Prior to law school, she worked in the financial industry.


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