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Students win discharge upgrade for veteran

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.—Students at the West Virginia University College of Law have helped a U.S. Navy veteran receive a discharge upgrade.

“Our client now qualifies for a range VA benefits including healthcare, disability compensation, pension, and home loans,” said Jed Nolan, director of the Veterans Advocacy Law Clinic.

The client was discharged unfavorably in 1986 after being diagnosed with a mental health condition. Nevertheless, he experienced success in school and work following the discharge, according to Nolan

The clinic requested the veteran’s discharge status be upgraded to “General, Under Honorable” because the behavior that led to his discharge was a direct result of service-related issues. Students in the clinic also argued that the discharge upgrade was in the interest of justice because the Navy had failed to provide him with adequate treatment, which impacted his ability to serve. This fall, the Board of Naval Corrections concurred.

The Veterans Advocacy Law Clinic began work on this case in fall 2017 with Kelly Parker and Christine Pill, both from the Class of 2018.  Most recently, law students Allie Leake, Anne  Wilson, and Tyler Gordon from the Class of 2020 were involved in the case.



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