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Q&A with Student Bar Association President Aly Fleenor

3L and Student Bar Association President Aly Fleenor

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

A: I am from Oceana, WV, and I'm currently a 3L at WVU Law. I graduated from WVU Tech in Beckley, WV, where I majored in Public Service Administration. 

Q: Why did you choose to attend law school at WVU?

A: The choice to attend WVU Law was driven by my strong pride in my West Virginian heritage and my deep connection to my hometown. I'm truly proud to be a Mountaineer and wanted to continue my education at WVU Law to not only learn about the law but also to stay connected to my roots.

The aspect of WVU Law that resonates with me the most is the strong sense of community it offers. What sets WVU Law apart is its focus on mutual assistance and personal growth. We don't just strive to excel individually, but also to uplift others in becoming the best versions of themselves. 

Q: What has been your favorite memory as a WVU Law student?

A: One of my most treasured memories is from my 1L year trunk-or-treat community service event. It stands out as my favorite because it was among the initial chances I had to meet some incredible fellow 1Ls who I know will remain my lifelong friends. Out of all the classes I’ve taken, my favorite that I’ve taken is Professor Weishart's Torts class during my 1L year. 

Q: Are you involved in any student orgs or other extracurricular activities? 

A: Currently, I serve as the President of the Student Bar Association and the Vice President of the Community Service Council. For those contemplating WVU Law or who are starting their law school journey, my advice would be to embrace involvement and self-care. Engage in activities you're passionate about, even if they deviate from the typical law school path. Personally, my commitment to community service has profoundly shaped my law school journey, enriching my experience as a student.

Q: What are your dreams after graduation? 

A: Looking ahead to my post-graduation aspirations, I'm determined to enter the field of abuse and neglect law, focusing on assisting children in foster care and challenging circumstances. Eventually, I envision establishing my own practice that centers on enhancing the lives of foster care children in West Virginia. My goal is to be a compassionate advocate who genuinely cares about their well-being.

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