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Zach Spurrier

Zach Spurrier

Zach Spurrier - Class of 2024

Before Law School…

In 2018 and 2020 I worked on two statewide political campaigns in West Virginia, getting the chance to travel the state from Weirton to Welch. Most recently, I worked at the Kanawha County Commission, connecting small businesses and constituents with their local government.

Why WVU Law?

I was born and raised in West Virginia, but went to college in upstate New York. It was probably a lucky break, but I had the chance to come back home and do some meaningful work. When that was over, WVU Law was the right place for me to stay in state and grow my relationships across Appalachia.

Law Interest?

My undergraduate education was in Bioinformatics & Molecular Biology, so right now I'm really interested in patent law and intellectual property. The intersection between the law, business, and technology is the gateway to West Virginia's bright future.

In 10 years…

It's hard to imagine ten years down the line when I just now started law school, but I'm certain I'll be using my legal education for some good! I hope that I'll be engaged in my community, connected with my law school friends, and committed to using the law to make our lives a little easier.

Outside of Law School…

When I'm not hunkered down in my Contracts textbook, I'm probably baking. My recent desserts include a tres leches cake, lemon bars, tiramisu, macarons, and many cheesecake variations. Whenever I'm not in the kitchen, you might find me tending to my house plants and coddling some very fussy orchids. 

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