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Pawan Jain

Pawan Jain

Pawan Jain - Class of 2024

Before Law School…

I was teaching before joining law school and continue to do that. I graduated with my Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Memphis. I enjoy learning about new technologies and researching the impact of technological advancements in Finance. 

Why WVU Law?

I was blown away by how attentive and generous everyone on the admissions team and dean's office was. Ms. Momen was always very patient and had an answer to all of my questions. I was also highly impressed by WVU's world class faculty profiles and smaller class sizes. I find law school's focus on reasoning and application more appealing than the focus on getting the answers correct.

Law Interest?

Due to my background in Finance, my natural inclination is towards securities law. While the financial markets support businesses and provide investment opportunities for individuals, I have seen people being forced out of retirement during the 2008 financial crisis. Since then I have seen a tremendous growth in finance related technologies. While such technologies improve the efficiencies, they also impose additional costs on society. For example. West Virginia has experienced a significant drop in the number of bank branches due to the increased popularity of internet banking. While online banking reduces the costs of banking services, it creates challenges for smaller communities with older populations. I want to continue researching the costs imposed by the financial meltdowns and the adoption of financial technologies.

In 10 years…

Growing up in a part of India that experienced power cuts for 18 hours a day, I had no idea that I would be receiving formal training on critically analyzing a problem and providing potential solutions. I have experienced social injustice first hand and would like to help individuals in a similar situation. Specifically, over the next 10 years, I want to help the unsophisticated investors who bear the consequences of Wall Street's greed.    

Outside of Law School…

I enjoy poetry and music and love playing cricket. I also like traveling and try to make an international trip every year. 

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