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Sam Hait

WVU Law Sam Hait

Sam Hait - Class of 2023

Before Law School…

Before being accepted to WVU Law, I was living in Florida. Upon graduating from WVU in 2018, I pursued a career in coaching football. I moved to Ohio two days after graduation and began an MBA while playing football. Yes, I said playing. After spending roughly seven months there I realized that wasn’t where I needed to be. So, I up and moved to south Florida, became certified as a personal trainer and did that for the past two years. This January, after realizing I wanted to go back to school, I began a Masters in Sport Management program at the University of Florida. That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue a concurrent Juris Doctorate with that M.S. 

Why WVU Law?

I came to WVU as an undergraduate. I was in Morgantown from 2014-2018, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude and spent three years as a WVU cheerleader. After graduating, I had no inclination to ever come back for school. However, I tossed an application to the law school. Upon being accepted, I knew it was time to come home. 

Law Interest?

My main interest in the law is with being able to use my law degree to help people. A law degree provides a plethora of flexibility in the way it’s used. I am still uncertain as to how or what I will be doing with it. However, I know that it will be to the betterment of someone else. That’s my goal. 

In 10 years…

In 10 years I want to be starting (if not started already) my own business. I want to follow in my father’s footsteps in being able to own and operate a law firm. It’s always been a life goal of mine to be my own boss, running the show and being able to help others. 

Outside of Law School…

Sports and health are two of my biggest interests outside of law school. My life has always been influenced by sports, all the way down to my undergraduate degree. Sports were one of the first things I was passionate about and continue to be to this day. I think one of the most interesting things about sport is how it truly is a microcosm of our society.

Health, more specifically, fitness and nutrition, are some of my biggest interests in life. Growing up as an overweight child, I had a lot of adversity that I had to overcome. By putting my passion into changing my body (for the better) I was able to see just how fitness and proper nutrition are to both mental and physical health.

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