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Phil Brown

WVU Law Phil Brown

Phil Brown - Class of 2023

Before Law School…

I'm a nontraditional student. I graduated from the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!) in 2006 with a broadcast journalism degree. For the 14 years between then and now, I worked in both sports and news talk radio. Most recently, I was the Assistant Program Director and Executive Producer for a station in Dallas, Texas. One of the best experiences I had in radio to prepare me for law school was compiling research on over 600 players for the NFL draft.

Why WVU Law?

When I started the law school application process, WVU was relatively low on my list. I wanted to stay closer to Texas, but I applied to WVU Law and was accepted pretty quickly. Throughout the summer, the admissions team was always available to answer questions and regularly hosted get togethers to let us know more about WVU and get to know each other. I felt wanted and I liked my future fellow classmates. My grandmothers are 85 and 95, so when COVID-19 hit, I also wanted to be driving distance to them in Baltimore. 

Law Interest?

My main interest in the law is alternative dispute resolution because I enjoy helping people get over their disputes. I'm also interested in media law, and oil and gas. Honestly, everything except criminal law interests me at least a little (sorry Professor Cyphert).

In 10 years…

A decade from now I'd like to be a mediator back in Texas. That said, I'm always open to new possibilities. I've never been someone who plans my entire life out because I've learned when I try, life just happens.

Outside of Law School…

I enjoy playing or watching baseball and softball, snowboarding, and watching hockey. I like rock climbing and backpacking, and West Virginia is a great place for it. I enjoy teaching myself new things. I taught myself to play guitar in high school. Last summer, I learned how to rebuild a motorcycle. Another interest is telling people about our most underrated president, Calvin Coolidge.

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