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Karli Celestin

WVU Law Karli Celestine

Karli Celestin - Class of 2023

Before Law School…

Before law school I studied journalism at WVU's Reed College of Media, where I spent plenty of time running around Morgantown following leads for potential news stories.

Why WVU Law?

I came to WVU Law because I was already here for my undergraduate degree, and once I discovered that I qualified for the 3+3 program that WVU offers to some undergraduate students as a fast-track to a law degree, it was too great of an opportunity to pass up. On top of that program, I stayed in Morgantown because I love the area and the tight knit community of WVU, especially on Law School Hill. The scholarship opportunities were a nice bonus.

Law Interest?

I am still exploring different aspects of the law, so my legal interests are not very developed at this point. As of right now I am interested in International Law and Media Law, but I am open to all paths and am excited to learn more.

In 10 years…

Because I am still unsure exactly what legal career path I want to pursue, it’s hard to say where I hope to be in 10 years. I do hope to be contributing to society in a meaningful way through my work in the legal profession.

Outside of Law School…

In my (minimal) free time outside of school, I enjoy plenty of outdoor activities like biking and kayaking, and also love to travel and explore new areas…which COVID-19 has really put a damper on. When I’m not feeling so adventurous, I also like photography, books, Netflix, and petting any dog that I can get my hands on.

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