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Natalia Watkins

Natalia Watkins

Natalia Watkins - Class of 2022

Before law school

I was an undergrad at East Carolina University. I was one of the Women’s Basketball managers. I graduated with a degree in African and African American Studies and Sociology.

Why WVU Law?

Financially it was my best option, and I'm looking forward to learning what else WVU has to offer and how I can make a positive impact while I'm here.

Law Interest

Civil/Human Rights and Constitutional Law

In 10 years…

My passion to help people, and I really want to make an impact in the life every person I work with. I want to be working for the Southern Poverty Law Center at some point within the next ten years.

Outside of law school…

I like to use my free time during breaks to play video games like Sims 3 on my PC and Red Dead Redemption II on my PS4. My research interests are the Black Liberation Movement and the Holocaust. I am currently also doing personal research on the Palestine-Israel Conflict. I spend most of my free time reading different books based on various events throughout History. My interest outside of law school mostly relate to volunteering and helping people.

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