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Clarence Moore

Clarence Moore

Clarence Moore - Class of 2024

Before Law School…

Before law school, my #1 focus was earning my bachelor’s degree. In addition, I was handling the daily operations of my wholesale car dealership in Moreno Valley, CA. I was also heavily involved with the Youth Direction Program in Moreno Valley, CA, were I served as a mentor to the at-risk youth.

Why WVU Law?

When I was deciding which law schools to apply to, I looked very closely at what each school had to say about diversity in their mission statement. WVU Law stuck out to me because it acknowledged the necessity to diversify the legal profession in its mission statement. Then after doing further research into WVU Law and discovering that WVU houses an Innocence Project, I knew that I wanted to be a Mountaineer.

Law Interest?

My main interest is criminal law. Being that I am a formerly incarcerated individual, and have been subjected to some of the unfair treatments of the criminal justice system. I feel that it is my duty to do the best that I can to effect change.

In 10 years…

I recently started a Non-profit organization, Clean Slate Inc. Its purpose is to assist system-involved individuals with expungement, transitional and rehabilitative services. Currently, we are only serving Southern California; I hope to reach the entire nation within the next 10 years.

Outside of Law School…

My number one hobby outside of law school is researching new business ventures. My number one talent is my ability to get the job done! Some people are intimidated by the idea of embarking on new endeavors and the uncertainty that comes along with them, but I look at starting new things as adventurous. I enjoy the void of not knowing, the chase along the road to success and the feeling of accomplishment once successful.

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