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Michael De Santis

WVU Law Michael De Santis

Michael De Santis - Class of 2023

Before Law School…

I graduated from St. Vincent college in 2018, after which I took a gap year and lived/worked full time as a ski instructor in the Laurel Highlands.

Why WVU Law?

There were many factors involved but honestly, one of the big ones was the location. I live in an apartment in Evansdale and am close enough to walk by Mountaineer field and up the (very lengthy) staircase on law school hill to attend class every day. It's great not having to wake up and drive half asleep to class at 8am.

Law Interest?

I'd like to go into some form of communications law. I majored in Communications in college, so I would like to be able to combine my law degree with my undergraduate degree.

In 10 years…

I have a few ideas but honestly, I don't really know. If you asked me 5 years ago where I thought I would be, I probably wouldn't have guessed law school, but here I am. All I hope for is that in 10 years I enjoy what and where I am working.

Outside of Law School…

I enjoy skiing, and during the summer months I like to get together with some mates and compete at trivia nights and pub quizzes. Also, I am a big fan of Pizza and punk rock🤘.

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