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Lynne Maxwell

Lynne Maxwell

Visiting Associate Professor of Law


Juris Doctor, 1997
Duquesne University School of Law

M.A. in Liberal Studies, 2010
Villanova University

M.L.S., 1996
University of Pittsburgh School of Library and Information Science

M.S.W. & Certificate in Industrial Social Work, 1989
University of Pittsburgh

Coursework Completed for Ph.D. in English, 1987
University of Pittsburgh

M.A., English Literature, 1984
University of Pittsburgh

B.A., English Literature, 1979
Carnegie Mellon University


Prior to her arrival at WVU College of Law in June 2013, Professor Maxwell taught Legal Research and Advanced Legal Research, in addition to serving as Coordinator of the Legal Research Program at the Villanova University School of Law. At Villanova, she began as Reference Librarian/Legal Research Instructor, and along the way, assumed the positions of Assistant Director for Technical Services, Assistant Director for Reader Services, and, most recently, Associate Director for Reader Services. She also assumed the position of Acting Director of the Law Library.

Professor Maxwell also taught English Literature and English Composition at the University of Pittsburgh for fourteen years before moving to Villanova.


Over 100 book reviews on Law, Psychology, and Social Science, published in Law Library Journal, Academic and College Research Libraries Journal, College Composition and Communication Journal (CCC) Library Journal, Mystery Scene Magazine and Mystery Lovers Bookshop Newsletter. Most prolific reviewer for Library Journal, promoting high visibility for Villanova Law School and its Law Library among the universe of librarians and booksellers.

Select Review Articles and Columns

  • Emotional Intelligence: What Works at Work, 102 L. LIBRARY J. 155 (2010)
  • The Role of Science in Law, 101 L. LIBRARY J. 530 (2009)
  • Coming into the Country: Resolutions of a New Law Library Director. 105 L.LIBRARY J. – _ (2013) (Forthcoming)
  • The Librarian’s Legal Companion for Licensing Information Resources and Services. COLLEGE & RESEARCH LIBRARIES(2013) (Forthcoming)
  • User Studies for Digital Library Development. 74 COLLEGE &RESEARCH LIBRARIES 214 (2013)
  • How to Impress Your Boss, Win Friends, and Influence People. 105 L.LIBRARY J. 255 (2013)
  • Viewing Library Metrics from Different Perspectives, 71COLLEGE AND RESEARCH LIBRARIES 394 (2010)
  • Convergence and Collaboration of Campus Information Services, 70 L. LIBRARY J. 408 (2009)
  • The Evaluation and Measurement of Library Services, 69COLLEGE AND RESEARCH LIBRARIES 391 (2008)
  • M aking a Difference: Leadership and Academic Libraries, 68COLLEGE AND RESEARCH LIBRARIES465 ( 20 07 )

Selected Publications

  • the Emperor's New Law Library: The Decline and Fall of Academic Law Libraries or a New Chapter (vol. 44, pp. 46--72). Rutgers Law Record. (2016)
  • Ve ry Original: Paperback Originals Reviewed, MYSTERY SCENE(2010)
  • Short Takes: Memoirs, LIBRARY J. (2009)
  • Short Takes: Memoirs, LIBRARY J. (2008)
  • Review of: P. Hernon, CONVERGENCE AND COLLABORATION OF CAMPUS INFORMATION SERVICES, 240 (Libraries Unlimited 2008)
  • Review of: J.A. Rich, WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME: TRAUMAAND VIOLENCE IN THE LIVES OF YOUNG BLACK MEN, 212 (Johns Hopkins University Press 2009) in 134 LIBRARY J. (2009)
  • Review of: L. Penny, THE BRUTAL TELLING, Headline/McArthur & Co., 372 (Minotaur Books, 2009)
  • Review of: R. Feldman, THE ROLE OF SCIENCE IN LAW, (Oxford University Press 2009) in 134 L. LIBRARY J. (2009)
  • Review of: H, Schechter, THE WHOLE DEATH CATALOG: ALIVELY GUIDE TO THE BITTER END, 304 (Ballantine Books, 2009) in 134 LIBRARY J. (2009)
  • Review of: C.M..Meston et al.
  • Review of: L, Penny, A RULE AGAINST MURDER, 320 (Minotaur Books, 2009) in 105 BOOKLIST (2009)
  • Review of: D. Leon, ABOUT FACE, 278 (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2009) in 134 LIBRARY J. 278 (2009)
  • Review of: J. Olds,, THE LONELY AMERICAN: DRIFTINGAPART IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, 228 (Beacon Press, 2008) in 133 LIBRARY J. (2008)
  • Review of: B. Kahr, Who’s BEEN SLEEPING IN YOUR HEAD?:THE SECRET PSYCHOLOGY OF SEXUAL FANTASIES, (Basic Books 2008) in 133 LIBRARY J. (2008)
  • Review of: Robert E. Dugan, and Peter Hernon, and Nitecki, Danuta, VIEWING LIBRARY METRICS FROM DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES: INPUTS, OUTPUTS, AND OUTCOMES, 346 (Libraries Unlimited 2009)

Teaching Experience

Professor Maxwell has taught Legal Research, Advanced Legal Research, Women’s Literature, Literature and Ideas, 20th Century Drama, Professional Writing, General Writing, and Basic Writing.

Research Interests

Legal Research and Writing, Law Librarianship, Law Library Management, Legal Education, Law and Literature, and Animal Law.

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