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Special Print Publications

Marketing & Communications designs, writes and/or edits printed publications—brochures, flyers, postcards—for WVU Law. Such publications serve a particular audiences, including prospective students and donors, current students, faculty and staff, alumni, and law school peers.

  • 10 - the minimum business days required for design and writing; 5 business days if minimal writing/editing is required. 
  • 10 - the additional days that should be considered for printing a publication with an outside vendor (which is the case for most publications). This includes edits and approval of proofs. 
  • 5 - days needed to produce an a publication in-house (e.g. flyer, handout, lecture program).

A client must write the first draft of any extensive or legally sensitive text needed in a publication, or provide/discuss key points/goals with Marketing & Communications either via e-mail or in a scheduled meeting.

Always identify your target audience and desired outcome when considering printed publications.

All publication will adhere to best practice and WVU policy.

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