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Branding Information & Logos

Our brand is a living entity. all living things, our brand is the result of years of growth, experience, lessons learned, mistakes made—and a thousand small gestures. Those gestures can strengthen our brand, or undermine it. They include how we speak about WVU, how we photograph it, how we behave toward those inside and outside the university, and, of course, how we represent ourselves in color, symbol, and type.  — WVU University Relations

The College of Law visual brand is a well-defined set of logos, fonts, and colors within the WVU Brand. Only official branding elements are to appear on any College of Law material.

Font/typeface: Helvetica Neue and Iowan Old-Style
Arial and Times New Roman are accepted.

Primary Colors: PMS 295 (Navy) and PMS 124 (Gold)  

A full list and guidelines for brand colors is available here.

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