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Christy Burnside DeMuth

Christy Burnside DeMuth

Land Use Planner


Christy DeMuth is the Land Use Planner at the Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic. Christy received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Resources Management from Penn State in 2003 and a Master of Science in Geography from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2005. She began her career in government, first working at Peters Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, in the Planning Department and then in the Department of Economic Development in Allegheny County, the second largest county in Pennsylvania. In 2006, DeMuth began planning work in the private sector in Pittsburgh, where she managed several planning projects, such as comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances, subdivision and land development ordinances, planning studies, economic development plans and corridor studies. As a project manager, Christy was responsible for coordinating public participation efforts for all her clients, which included facilitating numerous public meetings, focus group meetings, committee meetings, and educational workshops. She is also well versed in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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