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Cover Letter

Any resumé or application for employment should be accompanied by a cover letter, usually no more than three paragraphs in length.

Remember, this is a business letter, so use business form. If you not familiar with correct business form, see the sample below.

  • First paragraph: State any connection to the employer, introduce yourself and request job consideration. The first sentence should catch the employer’s attention.

Some Good Examples:

“My friend, (friend’s name) told me about your firm and your need for litigation associates. I will be moving to North Carolina following my graduation from law school in May, 2010, and will be taking the North Carolina bar in July.”

You may use ANY connection with the employer, such as “I recently read your outstanding article on employment law in the Washington Post and it describes perfectly the type of law I wish to practice. I have included my resumé for your review in consideration for an associate’s position with your firm.” Or…

“In researching Huntington firms, I have been impressed with your firm’s outstanding history and the variety of strong practice areas (or your concentration in litigation, or whatever you are interested in) and I am submitting my resumé for your consideration for a summer associate job. I am a native of Huntington, a Marshall University graduate, and plan to return to the Huntington area to practice following my graduation in 2010.”

  • Second paragraph: Tie your strong points in with the requirements of the job you are seeking.

Some Good Examples:

“You will see by my resumé that I have an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, and some experience in intellectual property practice.”

“You will see from my English Degree and publications that I have strong writing ability, and I recently have been named to the staff of The West Virginia Law Review.”

  • Last paragraph: Put the burden on yourself to get in touch with the employer to check on the progress of your application. If not, you may be waiting on a decision for quite some time.


“If we have not spoken before then, I will be calling you the week of March 15, 2010, to check on the progress of my application.”

“I will be at home in Miami during semester break (Dec. 13 to Jan. 10) and would be available for a personal interview at that time.”

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