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The Meredith Center for Career Services and Professional Development has the resources to help transition enthusiastic law students to confident legal professionals.

Here are some of the resources available to Mountaineers:

Career Exploration

Many students come to law school without a complete picture of their “dream job.”  The Center offers presentations, coaching, and library materials designed to help a student decide where their law degree will take them.  The Center is dedicated to staying abreast of emerging legal markets and new opportunities.

Career Coaching and Strategy

The Center staff offer one-to-one career coaching for all of our students.  Students are free to discuss all of their ideas and concerns. Common topics include career exploration, job search strategies, and tips for interviewing.

Resume, cover letter, and writing sample workshops

All students are required to attend a legal resume and cover letter workshop during their first semester of law school.  

Personalized resume and cover letter review

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have unique experiences that employers will be interested in.  In reviewing resumes and cover letters, we strive to preserve the individual expression of our students, while making sure the materials are effectively reflect and showcase your unique skill set. 

Mock interviews

Legal interviews are intimidating, even for students coming from previous professional careers. The Center offers practice interviews and ample feedback to help our students shine. Mock interviews can be scheduled in traditional formats, or with situational and behavioral questions. 

On-Campus interviews

Each year, the Center arranges more on-campus interviews than we have students!  This robust program gives students a convenient way to interview for diverse opportunities with prominent employers.

Networking events

More than half of legal jobs are awarded based upon who you know and being in the right place at the right time.  Whether students are interested in launching their legal careers here in West Virginia, or in Washington D.C., Chicago, or the south, we have networking events and suggestions to help students develop effective professional networks.

Professional development events

Professional development means more than learning dinner-table etiquette and what to wear to an interview. Yes, we offer events to foster great table manners and work-place style savvy. But we also have programming focused on developing an appropriate social media presence, time management, and working in multi-generational settings.

Access to career fairs

WVU Law students can take full advantage of national career fairs and symposiums. Events focused on cyber security, intellectual property, public interest law, and increasing diversity in the legal profession are popular among our students.

Top-notch access to judicial clerkships

Many lawyers who have clerked for a judge describe their clerkship as one of the defining moments of their legal careers. A law clerk serves as a close advisor to a judge and is uniquely positioned to gain an inside perspective on how courts make decisions. Most clerks find that their experiences behind the bench and the ensuing relationships with their judge pave the way for a fulfilling legal career.  Students have full access to the resources of the Center for Law and Public Service when looking for clerkship opportunities.

Resources for launching public interest legal careers

CSPD, the Center for Law and Public Service, and WVU Law Public Interest Advocates team up to create exceptional support for students willing to use their educations to give back to their communities. Summer and post-graduate fellowships, and unique relationships with top public interest law employers are just the beginning!

Career resource library

Stop in and check out our extensive library, which includes books and electronic resources on career exploration, interviewing, negotiating job offers, and emerging legal markets.

Access to additional job search tools

WVU Law partners with law schools across the country to provide access to job boards and other resources, no matter where your J.D. takes you!

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