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Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) serves as the student government at the College of Law. Its purpose is to further cooperation and maximize student input into the academic and administrative processes as well as to administer the honor system. The SBA also responds to the varying needs for professional, social, and recreational events. SBA is administered by elected representatives from each class along with officers elected by the entire student body. In addition, representatives from all law school organizations serve on the Association.

Students serve with faculty members on several committees at the College of Law. Among these committees are Academic Planning, Academic Standards, Admissions, Library, and Appointments. The SBA has reserved committee assignments for entering first-year students. Interested students should contact their Student Bar Association representative concerning committee assignments in early fall.

The SBA is nationally affiliated with the American Law Student Association, the student division of the American Bar Association.


President:  Francesca Rollo

Vice President: Austin Longnecker 

Secretary:  Julie Merow

Treasurer: Austin Gutierrez

Advisor: Tina Jernigan

Barrister’s Ball 
The SBA organizes an annual Barrister’s Ball each spring for the students, faculty, and staff of the College of Law. An evening of fine food and dancing makes the Barrister’s Ball the College of Law’s most highly anticipated social event of the year.

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