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West Virginia Law Review


Founded in 1894, the West Virginia Law Review is the fourth oldest law review in the United States and publishes three issues each year. The West Virginia Law Review is a professional, student-governed legal journal that publishes articles of interest to legal scholars, students, legislators, and members of the practicing Bar. The publication, which includes notes, comments, and articles of scholarly and practical value to the legal community, is published by a student editorial board.

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Executive Board for the West Virginia Law Review, Volume 126:


Rozlind Russell

Senior Managing Editor

Steven Treadway

Executive Publications Editor 

Isabelle Burden 

Executive Notes Editors 

Zach Spurrier

Logan Wagner 

Executive Editors 

Mary Kathryn Kay

Camille Mullens

Samantha Wilson

Executive Article Selection & Symposium Editors 

James Mazzone

Emily Ogden 

Executive Alumni & Development Editor 

Sarah Colyer

Senior Editors 

Jackie Gellner

Kinsey Novak 

Brady O’Saile

Ciara Peacock

Chase Riggs

Caroline Toler

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