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Moot Court Officers


President/Chief Justice: Mattie Shuler 

Vice President: Kendra Amick

Treasurer: Cameron LeFevre

Secretary/Judge Liaison: Alex Leroy

Baker Cup Chair: Alexis Schneider

Energy Moot Court Chair: Maggie Lohmann

Tryout Chair:  Nakia Ridgeway 

Advisor: Amy Cyphert

Purpose: The West Virginia Moot Court Board is an organization dedicated to assist students in further developing appellate brief writing and oral advocacy skills. The membership consists of eighteen students selected from the Fall semester Appellate Advocacy classes and two students selected from the Baker Cup write-on competition, which is held each Spring semester.

Written and oral advocacy are two basic skills required of any attorney, irrespective of the area of law practiced. Even attorneys who never appear before a court must explain legal principles, answer legal questions, and persuade clients to pursue a proper course of action. Moot Court develops these legal skills through first-hand experience. Confidence is gained as you receive feedback on oral argument style and presentation techniques from practicing attorneys and sitting judges. Your appreciation of the effort, time, and preparation that is required to be a competent attorney is immeasurable. If practicing law in a courtroom is your goal, Moot Court will set you up to be successful!

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