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Dean's Partners List (3/1/13)

IMO Ronald H. Adams
Richard Adkins
Mr. & Mrs. W. Stephen Ailes
Allen Guthrie & McHugh
Alpha Natural Resources
IMO The Honorable B. Hayes Webb, Lawyer, Judge, Gentleman, Friend, John D. Amos & Family
IMO John E. Amos
George J. Anetakis
Ellen R. Archibald
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Armistead
Arnold & Porter
Ashland Coal Company
Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc.
Patricia L. Ashworth
Frank and Ann Maxey Babb
Dedicated to Phyllis Bailey & James Durrett— Charles Bailey, Class of 1982
Professor C. Edwin Baker
John Patrick Ball
Harner Scholarship by Joanne and Hank Barnette
Nikki L. Barone
Joshua I. Barrett
Robert M. Bastress & Barbara Evans Fleischauer
Kathryn R. Bayless
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Bean, Jr.
Wirt C. & Mae S. Belcher Fund
Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
Mike and Barb Benninger
Judge Irene C. Berger & David Howell
Berthold, Tiano & O’Dell
Andrew L. & Catherine S. Blair
W. Gerald and Carolyn Eberly Blaney
Louis “Duke” Bloom, Charles R. Bailey & H.F. Salsbery
Russell K. Bolton
Pat and Marge Bower
Bowles Rice McDavid Graff & Love
Forest J. Bowman
Mrs. Chong Broadwater & Children—IMO Craig Broadwater – Loving Father & Loving Husband
Heather A. Brinton
John A. Broglie
Jackson and Armande Browning
Guy R. Bucci
Joseph G. Bunn, Esq.
Thomas Alvinza Bunner
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Busch
Campbell Woods Bagley Emerson McNeer & Herndon
Leo & Lorna Doone Carlin
William F. Carroll Estate
G. Nicholas Casey, Jr. Scholarship for WV Catholic High School Graduates
IMO F. Paul Chambers, ‘38 & Thomas N. Chambers, ‘51, by Family & Friends
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Chambers
Chesapeake Energy, Inc.
Catharine Patton Clark
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Clark
The Class of 1937
The Class of 1938
The Class of 1942
The Class of 1948
The Class of 1949
The Class of 1951
The Class of 1952
The Class of 1954
The Class of 1957
The Class of 1959
The Class of 1961
The Class of 1965
The Class of 1966
The Class of 1967
The Class of 1969
The Class of 1970
The Class of 1971
The Class of 1972
The Class of 1975
The Class of 1977
The Class of 1979
The Class of 1980
The Class of 1981
The Class of 1982
The Class of 1983
Franklin D. Cleckley
Catherine S. Coleman
James H. Coleman, Jr.
Kenneth E. & Mary E. Coleman
IHO Prof. Henry D’Alton Collins—Catharine Collins & Family
Katherine Dodd Combs
Troy B. Conner, Jr.
Consolidated Gas Supply Corp.
Consolidation Coal Company
Estate of F. Waldo Craig
IMO C. William Cramer & Kathryn Cramer Morgan
James E. Crockard III ‘94
Gladys G. Davis
The Daywood Foundation, Inc.
Alison H. & Patrick D. Deem Law Review Scholarship
Patrick D. Deem
Defense Trial Counsel of WV
Deitzler Foundation, Inc.
Donald & Mervel Denton
IMO Prof. Frank E. Horack, Jr. by Mr. & Mrs. John L. Detch
Rosalie Stewart Detch Libra Fund
Charles R. DiSalvo & Kathleen M. Kennedy
Richard L. Douglas
John Deaver Drinko
Eastern Mineral Law Foundation
The Frank B. Enslow Foundation
Michael T. Escue
Ambassador Joseph S. Farland
Farmer Cline & Campbell, PLLC
Mr. & Mrs. Geo. R. Farmer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Farmer
Sue Seibert Farnsworth
Sue Seibert Farnsworth Scholarship by Carlyle D. Farnsworth
Joseph M. Farrell, Jr.
Michael Farrell
Paul T. Farrell
John W. Fisher II and Susan V. Fisher
IMO Five Fallen West Virginia Heroes Who Gave Their Lives in Vietnam
Flaherty, Sensabaugh & Bonasso, PLLC
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin F. Flowers
Food & Drug Law Institute IMO Edward Stullken, Jr., MD
Teree E. Foster
Bill and Judy Frame
William Monroe Frazier
Diana L. Fuller, Class of 1977
Furbee Amos Webb & Critchfield
James Paul Geary
Genevieve Brown Gist IMO Martin Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin L. Glasscock
Goodwin & Goodwin, LLP
Judge & Mrs. Joseph R. Goodwin
F.T. Graff, Jr.
Kenneth D. & Carolyn T. Gray
Donna Province Grill ‘81
James R. Gustke
IMO Charles & Beatrice Haden by Priscilla & Chuck Haden
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Haden
C. Howard Hardesty, Jr.
Susan B. & David C. Hardesty, Jr.
James “Buck” & June Harless
Mabel M. Harner, In Loving Memory of J. Adrian Harner
Mr. & Mrs. R. Dean Hartley
John Lawler Hash
Harry M. Hatfield, Esq.
Kathryn D. & S.A. Hawkins
Richard G. Herndon
G.D. Herold Estate
Andrew L. Herz
Barbara B. Highland
Hill Peterson Carper Bee & Deitzler
Lily Ritchie Hill Honored by My Husband, Philip B., His Father, Philip H., and Our Daughter, Marian
Philip B. & Lily R. Hill
IMO Philip H. Hill
R. Edison and Nancy C. Hill
Raymond & Barbara Hinerman
Ellen Maxwell-Hoffman and John D. Hoffman—In Memory of The Honorable Robert E. Maxwell
Grace Westfall Holmes
Hope Gas, Inc. / CNG Foundation
Scott A. Horstemeyer, Class of 1989
Virginia & Stan Hostler
George D. Hott
Huddleston Bolen LLP – IHO Judge Craig Broadwater, Distinguished Jurist and Friend
William J. Ihlenfeld
Russell L. Isaacs & Elizabeth J. Wilson
Jackson & Kelly
Jackson Kelly Holt & O’Farrell
Lloyd and Trina Jackson—IMO Judge Craig Broadwater, Honored Jurist & Friend
Andrew and Natalie Jefferis
IMO John E. Jenkins by John E. Jenkins, Jr.
Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC
Jenkins Fenstermaker Krieger Kayes & Farrell
Regina Jennings
E. Perry Johnson
Louis A. Johnson Trust
Jessica A. Justice & Bryan
Kanawha County Bar Association
Allan & Millie Karlin
Kay Casto & Chaney
John T. Kay, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
IMO Elizabeth Ann Keel
Judge Irene M. & John P. Keeley
IMO R.G. Kelly by Carbon Fuel Foundation, Inc.
Katherine Phillips Kenna Scholarship by Lee M. & Elizabeth P. Kenna Trust
Kesner Kesner & Bramble, PLLC
Jeff and Lisa Kessel
William E. and Denny Kiger
John O. Kizer, Class of 1936
In Loving Memory of John Joseph Kopnski by Wife Louise S. Kopnski & Daughter Michelle Lois Kopnski
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Kopp
Leigh Kutchinsky & George W. Reeves III
Sidney J. Kwass & His Wife, Edna, of Bluefield
IMO Paul L. Lambert & IHO Yolonda G. Lambert, Class of 1982, by Sarah Kathryn Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lamp
J. Thomas Lane
G.W. Lavender III, Loving Memory, D. Rumbaugh
G.W. Lavender III Scholarship IMO Agnes A. Furman
John H. Lawler, West Union, OH
J. Brooks Lawson
Joseph Franklin Long
Bill and Jo Ann Lorensen
Charlie and Pam Lorensen
Michael D. Lorensen
R. Lorensen
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lorenze, Jr.
Love Wise Robinson & Woodroe
Love Wise & Woodroe
IMO Charles M. Love, Jr.
Charles M. Love, Jr. Professorship Created in His Memory by His Children, Charles M. Love III, Naomi Love Jefferson, and Lucy Love Skinner
IMO Marlyn E. Lugar by Carolyn W. Lugar
IMO Frank R. Lyon, Jr., West Virginian & General Counsel of Union Carbide
MacCorkle, Lavender, Casey & Sweeney, PLLC
In Memory of Mike Magro, Jr., WVU Law School, ‘52 by Roger & Crystal Magro and Phillip Magro
Maier Foundation, Inc.
L. Thomas, Judith and Amy E. Marchlen
Masters & Taylor, L.C.
Marvin W. Masters, Charleston, WV
Judge Robert E. Maxwell
The McCamic Law Scholarships Endowed by Jeremy C. McCamic 10/10/99
Mary K. Amos McCartney and James R. McCartney—IMO Her Father Frank R. Amos: Attorney
John L. McClaugherty
Dean Joyce E. McConnell &Vincent M. Trivelli
Marjorie Anne McDiarmid
Charles & Mary McGinnis
The McGuane Foundation—IMO Judge Craig Broadwater, U.S. District Judge
Mr. & Mrs. J. Burl McQuain
Judge J. Harper Meredith
Wes and Twila Metheney
John M. Miller, Class of 1962
In Memory of Michael L. Minsker—by Maria Blue Minsker & Ford and William Barry
Always the Advocate, Daniel Grove Moler, ‘31—Honored by Katherine Moler Mason
Harry E. & Irene Moats
Irene J. Moats
Brig. Gen. H.F. Mooney
James M. O’Brien, J.D. (1981) Denise Elliott O’Brien, B.S. (1982)
Roy Oman Scholarship – A Friend Loves at All Times and a Brother is Born for Adversity. PR. 17:17
Pace Family Foundation—Charles W. Pace, Sr. ‘82 – C.W. Pace, Jr. ‘99
Professor Tom and Dr. Linda Patrick
A. Michael Perry—Lawyer, Banker, Educator and Historian
Parry and Kathy Petroplus
Harvey D. Peyton
Hale J. Posten
Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Potesta
Thomas E. & Jean B. Potter
Stanley E. Preiser
Charles F. Printz, Jr. – IMO Judge Craig Broadwater—Jurist, Soldier, Historian, Storyteller & Friend
Arthur J. Recht, Esq., Class of 1952
Doug Reynolds
Linda Rice, Class of 1977
Robinson & McElwee
Larry L. and Barbara Schuda Roller
David and Sallie Romano
Mr. & Mrs. Herschel H. Rose III
IMO Alma D. Rowe & C. Linwell Rowe
Larry Linwell Rowe, 1976
Ruley & Everett
Richard G. Rundle & Joni Cooper Rundle
Herbert S. Sanger, Jr.
Schrader Stamp Byrd Byrum & Companion
The Paul D. Schurgot Foundation, Inc. —William J. Butler, President
Mary-Jane Baker Schuster
Segal & Davis Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. George S. Segal
Scott S. Segal & Robin J. Davis
In Memory of Carl M. Selinger—The Selinger Family
Shaffer & Shaffer, PLLC
Harry G. Shaffer III
IMO Dennis Junior Sharps—Donated by His Wife, Lyla Clare Sharps
Mrs. Victor Shaw
Hoy G. Shingleton, Jr.
Madelyn Sue Kidd Shipe—Erica, David and Amy Shipe
The Estate of June Shott
Ned & June Shott
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Shuman
Elizabeth Lake Shuman
Estate of Robert L. Shuman
Elizabeth Copenhaver Smith
Lemotto Smith & John Goodno
Snyder & Hassig
Spilman Thomas Battle & Klostermeyer
Mark A. Stach (Class of 1987) & Christina A. Stach
Lewis A. Staker
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Stamp
Justice Larry V. and Rebecca Starcher
Starvaggi Charities
Steptoe & Johnson
Mary Pat and Bob Steptoe
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pendleton Steptoe II
Sally Steptoe and Sprague William Hazard—In Memory of Robert M. and James D. Steptoe
In Loving Memory of Bob and Jim Steptoe—Sarah D. Steptoe, Wife and Mother
Gary L. Stoops, Esq. & Mrs. Sharon R. Stoops
Shirley Ann Succurro
Harry Reeves Taylor, ‘26—Charles Reeves Taylor, ‘58—Richard Hite Taylor, ‘90
Stephanie D. Taylor
W. Mote & Mary E. Thompson, Jr.
IMO William A. and Maitland C. Tissue—by John W. Tissue (1960) and Lynne B. Klopf
Michael & Mary Tomasky, Jr.
R. Brawley & Nita G. Tracy
Gary J. & Loretta Findley Triplett
Gary Joe and Avis J. Triplett
IMO Judge Daniel Leo McCarthy—H.G. Underwood
Verizon West Virginia
Michael S. & Elizabeth D. Walker
IMO Arthur J.R. Warren—by Arthur & Brenda Warren and Siblings Michael & Audrey Warren
Margaret N. Watkins in Memory of W. Hale Watkins
William E. Watson, Gift IMO Judge Craig Broadwater Distinguished Jurist and Friend
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Webb—In Memory of Hays and Roberta Webb
Harvey E. Weiner
Mr. & Mrs. James C. West, Jr.
Wetzel-Tyler County Bar Association
The WV Bar Association
WV Bar Foundation
The WV Law School Association
The WV State Bar Auxiliary
WV Trial Lawyers Association
Steven F. & Catherine H. White
Wilson Frame Benninger & Metheney, PLLC
IMO Louise Farrell H.C. Winterbottom
Ernest E. Winters
In Loving Memory of Ronald L. Wolff, Jr. by Ryan, Tyler, and Sierra Wolff
Justice Margaret L. Workman
In Loving Memory of Stephen Grant Young
IMO U.G. Young
IMO Judge Robert B. Ziegler
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