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Deans Partners

Dean's Partners

2018 Dean's Partners Gala Response Card 

Dean’s Partners recognizes those who have contributed a minimum of $5,000 total in one fiscal year or $10,000 total over a period of five fiscal years. Both can be based on cumulative gifts, including corporate matching gifts. The Dean’s Partners are honored at an annual gala.

New Dean’s Partners 2016-17

  • John P. Blanc
    Class of 2012 Memorial Scholarship
  • Pat and Jack Caffrey
    In memory of John P. Blanc ‘12
  • Robert E. Douglas
  • Ellen G. Goodwin
    In memory of Stephen P. Goodwin, JD ‘72
  • In Memory of
    The Honorable Sidney J. Kwass ’31 and Edna D. Kwass
    By Daughter, Kathy Kwass-Gross and Charles M. Gross, M.D.
  • Donald B. and Martha D. O’Dell
    Advocates for Mediation and Conciliation
  • Ben Salango
  • Lemotto Smith Trust
  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program
  • West Virginia Land Trust

New Dean’s Partners 2015-16

  • Gregory, Abigail, and Ethan Bowman
    Supporting Student Scholarships
  • Chauncey & Judy Browning III
    In Honor of Chauncey H. Browning Jr.
  • Casey & Chapman, PLLC
  • Establishment of a Fellowship at Legal Aid of WV
    In Memory of the Honorable Regina Lee Charon
  • Friends of J.R. Clifford
    West Virginia’s First African American Lawyer
  • Amy C. Crossan WVU Law 1996
  • Rob and Judy Fisher
  • Troy Giatras
    In Pursuit of Trial Excellence
  • Molliane Starcher Hamilton
  • Rich and Jennifer Hofmann
  • Vicki A. Moses
  • Amy Starcher Muchnok
  • Deborah D. Nikjeh
  • Michele Rusen
  • L. Victor Starcher, II

New Dean’s Partners (2014-15)

  • Mr. and Mrs. H. Raymond Andrews
  • Claudia and Norwood Bentley
  • Bill and Mary Booker
  • Brewer & Giggenbach, PLLC
  • Harry Deitzler
  • Dr. Gregory G. Elkins and Dr. Leann R. DiAndreth-Elkins
  • The Honorable Dr. and Mrs. David A. Faber
  • James J. and Helene Friedberg
  • Barbara B. Highland Charitable Lead Trust
  • Raymond R. Hyre Memorial Trust
  • Marilyn McClure-Demers
  • Law Office of Stephen New
  • Bill Pepper
  • Thomas Combs and Spann, PLLC
  • West Virginia Continuing Legal Education

New Dean’s Partners (2013-14)

  • Antero Resources Corporation
  • Atkinson & Polak, PLLC
  • Walt Auvil
  • W. Marston and Katharine B. Becker
  • BrickStreet Foundation, Inc
  • D. Michael Burke | Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson
  • Gretchen M. Callas in Honor of George and Viera Trapp
  • Vincent and Jane Cardi
  • Judge Russell M. Clawges, Jr.
  • Columbia Pipeline Group
  • Kevin and Amy Ellis
  • Kathy G. Beckett and David M. Flannery
  • William E. Galeota
  • Hamstead, Williams & Shook PLLC
  • Hendrickson & Long, PLLC
  • Jim Leach
  • Barbara Groves Mattox
  • Vaughn Miller
  • Mountain State Bar Association in Honor of 
  • Justice Franklin D. Cleckley
  • Robert P. Simons
  • Brian and Jessica Stolarik in Honor of Bryan Justice
  • Tiano O’Dell, PLLC
  • Trump & Trump, L.C.
  • Cynthia L. Turco
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