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2015-16 Dean's Partners Inductees

New Dean’s Partners 2015-16

  • Gregory, Abigail, and Ethan Bowman 
     Supporting Student Scholarships
  • Chauncey & Judy Browning III 
     In Honor of Chauncey H. Browning Jr.
  • Casey & Chapman, PLLC
  • Establishment of a Fellowship at Legal Aid of WV 
     In Memory of the Honorable Regina Lee Charon
  • Friends of J.R. Clifford 
     West Virginia’s First African American Lawyer
  • Amy C. Crossan WVU Law 1996
  • Rob and Judy Fisher
  • Troy Giatras 
     In Pursuit of Trial Excellence
  • Molliane Starcher Hamilton
  • Rich and Jennifer Hofmann
  • Vicki A. Moses
  • Amy Starcher Muchnok
  • Deborah D. Nikjeh
  • Michele Rusen
  • L. Victor Starcher, II
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