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Christine Jacobs

Christine was inspired by her summer clerkship at Clark Hill PLC in Pittsburgh.

The ACBA is very intentional and thoughtful about their programming. It was clear, through their partnership and active involvement with under-represented law students, that they are truly committed to diversity and inclusion in an ever-changing world.

ACBA’s professional development program was very beneficial to my learning, particularly in how to navigate a legal community

I can’t say enough about how beneficial the clerkship program was for me. They fostered an environment that was not only inclusive but intentional about identifying how ACBA can help to uplift under-represented students in a larger legal environment, and find their place in the legal field right out of law school

As a result of the experience, I am now more confident in conveying the importance of removing barriers for under-represented students in and outside of the classroom.

I have realized that there’s a whole world of legal opportunities and experiences out there for me, far beyond the limits I had previously imagined.

Having access to successful LGBTQ and women of color attorneys and partners, and being able to network with them in and outside of the work setting was most important for me. I realized that for students of color, LGBTQ students, and students with disabilities, having successful mentors in diverse areas and being able to talk honestly about the challenges for under-represented lawyers was incredibly encouraging. Their experiences have empowered me to make positive changes at my law school.

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