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As a leading law school, WVU Law teaches with a clear purpose—to challenge your assumptions, present well-reasoned positions, and guide you to your best potential.

You will build a strong foundation in our JD program with top courses across traditional legal education in business and commercial law, contract law, and more. You will better understand your future clients and be ready to serve the public with critical legal services through hands-on experience that develops practice-ready skills.

Our curriculum gives you the ability to discover and develop individual interests through specialized courses in your second and third years.

Required perspective courses enhance your legal education by connecting your studies to the traditions of the liberal arts (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences). WVU Law students are also required to take a capstone course and participate in a research seminar.

Other distinctive law programs prepare you for a more complex society to meet contemporary challenges in land use law and planning, sustainable development law, energy law and policy, environmental policies, and other issues unique to our time.

Law school students also have the opportunity to pursue dual degrees

Faculty: Respected Scholars. Accomplished Attorneys.

Our professors bring valuable experiences and perspectives to the law school classroom. WVU Law faculty is a diverse and distinguished group of accomplished attorneys and practitioners, outstanding teachers and scholars, professionally connected mentors, and respected leaders in legal education.

WVU Law faculty members share a common mission—to prepare competent and ethical lawyers for a wide range of careers and service to the citizens and communities in the state, the nation, and the world. In our classrooms and programs, and through our clinics and externships, students and professors interact and engage in learning that’s focused and fulfilling.

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