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WV Law Institute Governing Council


Representative Capacity of Service
Bastress, Robert WVLI Director/Secretary
Bayless, Kay District 3 Representative
Bowman, Gregory Interm Dean, West Virginia University College of Law
Bush, Brent District 1 Representative
Byrd, Andrew House of Delegates, Minority Party Representative
Cardi, Vincent Paul WVU College of Law Faculty Representative
Curnutte, Scott A. President and District 2 Representative
Ford, Richard E., Sr. Chair, Commission on Uniform State Laws
Foster, Jason Chair, Young Lawyers Section, West Virginia State Bar
Frazier, W. Michael President-Elec, West Virginia State Bar
Goldenberg, David Past President
Hall, Mike Senate, Majority Party Representative
Hanshaw, Roger House of Delegates, Majority Party Representative
Hogan, Benjamin Editor, West Virginia Law Review
Johnson, Gary Circuit Court Judge, West Virginia Judicial Association
Leary, Brendan Public Relations Chairman and District 1 Representative
Love IV, Charles. District 2 Representative
Markham, Peter G. Legal Counsel to the Governor
McGinley, Sean P. Governor Appointed Attorney Representative
Morhous, Lawrence District 3 Representative
Morrisey, Patrick Attorney General of West Virginia
Olivio, Michael District 3 Representative
Olsen, Rich. Director, West Virginia Legislative Service
Proctor, Patricia District 3 Representative
Rhee, William WVU College of Law Faculty Representative
Robinson, Kevin President West Virginia State Bar
Shott, John Chair, House Judiciary Committee
Simonton, Ryan District 1 Representative
Stolarik, (Justice), Jessica Director, West Virginia Continuing Legal Education
Trump, Charles Chair, Senate Judiciary Committee
Wallace, IV, John J. District 2 Representative
Wilson, Jacqueline District 1 Representative
Woelfel, Mike Senate, Minority Party Representative
Wooton, William District 3 Representative
Workman, Margaret Chief Justice, West Virginia Supreme Court

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