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Maintain Accountability for Real Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Progress

  1. The Dean and the DEI Committee should create a core regular routine of annual diversity events, tasks, and benchmarks for the WVU Law DEI Committee and the broader WVU Law community.
  2. The Dean and the DEI Committee should determine ways to hold WVU Law accountable for all of the DEI goals in this strategic plan.
  3. The DEI Committee Chair should periodically survey administrators, faculty, and staff to catalog the specific ways they are incorporating DEI in their scholarship, teaching, and service.
  4. The WVU Law faculty should review and refine this DEI strategic plan at least every three years.
  5. The DEI Committee should develop an annual DEI reporting format for WVU Law.
  6. The DEI Committee should develop a WVU Law diversity scorecard to provide a concise dashboard of our most important DEI performance measures to supplement the required ABA Standard 509 Report.


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