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WVU Law student Amanda Greene

Amanda Greene: A passion for the law and helping others

Before Amanda Greene met 2010 WVU Law graduate Jonathan Brill, she had never thought about going to law school.

“It never crossed my mind, not even once,” she said.

But when the 1L returned to her hometown of Romney, West Virginia, a few years ago, Brill gave her a chance at a job that helped Greene discover her passion for the law.

Greene returned to Romney after working and studying at Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, Missouri, where she had earned an MBA and a Master’s in Public Administration. Yet, she was not in any hurry to begin a career in those fields.

She was a professional bowler at the time, traveling and competing around the country on weekends. What she needed was part-time work in Romney that would accommodate her pro bowling schedule.

“I just emailed all the attorneys in Romney asking if they had any part-time openings for an assistant,” she said.

Brill responded to her inquiry and Greene went to work in his office for more than two years while bowling competitively.

WVU Law - Amanda Greene with Jonathan and Brian Brill

Brill, and his brother, Brian, opened Jonathan G. Brill, PLLC a year after Jonathan graduated from WVU Law. Jonathan is the attorney and Brian manages the daily operations of the general practice, personal injury and litigation law firm.

Every now and then, Brill would ask Greene when she was going to take the LSAT, but she was more committed to her bowling career.

“I bowled and I worked for him, but I wasn’t really thinking about my career path at that time,” Greene recalled. “But then the law, and providing legal services to those in need, turned out to be something I’m passionate about. Both Jonathan and Brian kept encouraging me to get something going with my long-term career, so after working with them for about a year, I decided to go ahead and try taking the LSAT.”

After several months of preparation, Greene took the LSAT and got a competitive score. So, she decided to take the plunge and apply to law school.

Choosing WVU Law was a no-brainer, she said, because it was close to her hometown and her family. It also represents an important part of her home state.

“I’m from West Virginia, and almost everyone I know went to West Virginia University for their education,” she explained. “I’ve always wanted to be a Mountaineer, and WVU Law gave me a chance to finally be a part of this community while pursuing something I’m passionate about.”

Brill’s support and her passion for the law have brought Greene this far. Now that she’s on Law School Hill, Greene says she plans to use the next three years to forge her own path in the legal profession.

“I joked with Jonathan before I left that I would blame him for convincing me to go to law school on the nights I’m up late studying. But I really do give him credit for me being here, and now that I’m here I’m going to stay open to every possibility,” she said. “As of right now, I want to take courses in everything and discover what I’m passionate about and what I really want to do as I learn about various areas of the law.”

While her exact career path is still unclear, Greene knows that it will eventually lead back to Romney, where it all began.

“I want to be in this profession to help and serve others,” she said. “My ultimate goal is to get back to my hometown and help people in the community I’ve known my whole life with their legal problems. But it’s hard to tell what path I’ll take to get to that point.”

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