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Student Application

Use this form to apply for a position in the Clinical Law Program -- and read the additional information on this page.

Law Clinic Student Application

Clinic Student Application Information

West Virginia Rule 10

In the spring, there is an information session followed by a law clinic lottery.

Credit Hours

4 credit hours per semester
United States Supreme Court Clinic

7 credit hours per semester
Child and Family 
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
Land Use and Sustainable Development 
Litigation and Advocacy
West Virginia Innocence Project

Child and Family Advocacy — None
Entrepreneurship and Innovation — None
Immigration Law Clinic — None
Land Use and Sustainable Development — Professional Responsibility, Land Use Law (preferred)
Litigation and Advocacy — Evidence
Taxpayer — Tax I
United States Supreme Court Clinic — None
Veterans Advocacy — Evidence
West Virginia Innocence Project — Criminal Procedure (preferred)

Minimum number of semesters
2 (all clinics)

Year of eligibility
3L (all clinics)

Immigration Law Clinic Note
The immigration law lecture will be taught as part of the classroom component of the Immigration Clinic course. 2L or 3L students who are not in the Immigration Clinic may register separately for the 1-credit Intro to Immigration Law course in the fall.

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