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Shannon and Austin: Love Before, During and After Law School

Austin Rogers and Shannon Marlowe Rogers, Class of 2020, were in love way before law school.

WVU Law graduates Shannon and Austin Rogers

Shannon and Austin met in high school while working at their local YMCA — Shannon was a swim instructor and Austin was a lifeguard.

They dated throughout college in Virginia and got engaged their senior year. Then they attended law school together.

Shannon and Austin were each other's sounding board during law school, which they credit for helping them grow as a couple. Their entire 1L class schedule ended up being the same, so they also spent just about every moment together on and off Law School Hill.

WVU Law graduates Shannon and Austin Rogers

To couples in law school, Austin and Shannon recommend taking a break from thinking about school every so often. 

“Periodically, have a meal where you don't talk about anything law school related. Law school takes up so much of your time and energy, but don't let it consume your relationship. And don't forget to celebrate each other's accomplishments, even if they are a sore spot for you (looking at you, law school curve!).”

Shannon and Austin got married the summer before their 3L year. They now live in Charleston, West Virginia. Shannon is an associate attorney at Shuman McCuskey Slicer PLLC, and Austin is an attorney at the Public Service Commission.

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