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Brandy and Ryan: A Career Services Meet Up

Ryan Gum and Brandy Garcia first met in Career Services as 1Ls. 

WVU Law graduates Ryan and Brandy Gum with their kids

Both were quite fond of Jennifer Powell, the Assistant Dean for Career Services at the time, so they spent a lot of time there and became friends.

The 2007 graduates first began to really like each other in their 2L year. The seating chart in their Entertainment Law class was in alphabetical order, so they sat next to one another because of their last names.  

“We were pretty much inseparable from then on out!” Brandy said. “Law school is such a whirlwind experience, and being in it together really brought us closer. To have someone in the mix with you who understands the pressures and deadlines made everything easier from a relationship perspective. Plus, Ryan pretty much got me through my Intellectual Property classes.”

WVU Law graduates Ryan and Brandy Gum circa 2007

Ryan earned high enough grades to graduate Order of the Coif, although he admits he didn’t attend class as consistently as Brandy. But, academic success aside, Ryan ultimately followed his own advice:

“Date and marry the smart girl,” he said.

Ryan and Brandy were married in 2008 and live in Houston, Texas, with their two boys. He is a Senior Counsel of Intellectual Property for Chevron, and she is an Assistant Public Defender for the Harris County Public Defender’s Office.

They will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary in August.

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