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T’Keyah Nelms

T’Keyah Nelms

T’Keyah Nelms - Class of 2019

Before Law School…

I went to Kennesaw State University in Georgia and got a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. I worked two part-time jobs and was very active on campus. I was president of Scrabble Club, and I was in Ladies of Distinction, Women of Color Success Initiative and Political Science Club. I was also a part of Kennesaw State University’s Mock Trial team. I did all of this while also managing Stage III thyroid cancer.

Why WVU Law?

My ultimate goal is to work in some capacity for the Supreme Court of the United States, and the College of Law is one of just a few schools in the country that has a Supreme Court Clinic. The Law School’s United States Supreme Court Law Clinic definitely brought me to WVU.

Law Interest:

I’ve always been interested in how policy works and how it effects other people. My main focus would be civil rights or public interest law.

In 10 Years…

In 10 years, I hope to start the framework for a non-profit organization that helps teach children in economically disadvantaged areas about their rights, civic duty, the law and criminal justice to tear down any negative stereotypes or stigmas that may be pushed on them in those areas. I want to try to motivate them to join these jobs or find interest in these fields, rather than be brought into them in a negative way such as being arrested at a young age or being fearful of police.

Outside of Law School…

I love cooking and baking. I’m half Puerto Rican, and I love Hispanic cuisine. I also love to read non-law school books. Right now, I’m reading Stephen King’s “Thinner”.

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