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Roger Campbell

Roger Campbell

Roger Campbell - Class of 2019

Before Law School…

Before Law School, I was working in the oil and natural gas industry and I was finishing up my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Development from Wheeling Jesuit University. Then, the price of gas came way down and I was let go. I had just finished up my degree, and I always wanted to be an attorney, so I figured now was the time. The stars lined up just right, and I came to law school right after I graduated.

Law Interest:

I really just want to help people who usually couldn’t otherwise get quality legal services.

Why WVU Law?

Back in 1998, I got an associate’s degree as a paralegal, and I just loved the law. Ever since then, it was my dream to be an attorney. I was born and raised in West Virginia, and I love this state. I had the option to go to other law schools, but I feel like this is my home.

In 10 years…

I see myself running my own very small office, helping people one-on-one with their legal problems.

Outside of Law School…

I do a lot of work with Project Healing Waters. I’m a veteran, and they help disabled veterans overcome their disabilities through fly fishing. I am a member and the assistant program lead for the Wheeling program.

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