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Jennifer Bauer

Jennifer Bauer

Jennifer Bauer - Class of 2017

Before Law School...

I worked on Wall Street for four years before joining the WVU College of Law Class of 2017. My role within risk and control was focused on regulatory compliance & reporting, contract negotiations, process enhancements and business resiliency.

I graduated from William Paterson University (NJ) in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Why WVU Law?

WVU College of Law presented the best value for my law career, even as an out of state student. The institution combines a rigorous academic program with high caliber clinics and professional development opportunities that will help differentiate me from other young attorneys upon graduation and also build a career.

Law Interest:

As a dual citizen of the USA and Germany, I am very interested in international law. I hope to narrow it down further by exploring the various career opportunities within the field, including international criminal law, human rights, and public policy over the next three years at WVU.

In 10 Years...

Over the next ten years, I would like to explore career opportunities overseas, at the Hague, and at the United Nations. This includes roles focused on international criminal law, human rights, and public policy that are both in the court room and outside of it. At one point, I would like to teach. Most importantly, I want to build a career which is flexible and allows me to apply my legal knowledge in a variety of ways so I can maximize my impact, especially in today’s rapidly-changing society.

Outside of Law School...

I am a competitive West Coast Swing dancer. I also enjoy traveling, collecting inspirational quotes, reading, and creating cappuccinos & lattes at home.

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