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Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin - Class of 2017

Before Law School...

After graduating West Virginia State University in 2006, I worked on multiple political campaigns, ranging from local to presidential, around the country. After working for Richardson for President in Iowa during the 2008 Primaries, I came back to WV. I filed to run for the WV House of Delegates 14th District. I was unsuccessful.

Also, during that time, I was working for the West Virginia Education Association as an Organizational Development Specialist and sat on a political organization board for the National Education Association in Washington, D.C. Essentially, I represented member teachers and service workers on union issues and political issues. Near the end of 2009, I decided to pursue something different. I resigned from the WVEA and joined the US Army Airborne Infantry. I served in the Army until July 2014, when I was medically discharged for an injury received during combat operations in Afghanistan. I decided during the medical discharge process that I wanted to return to school, so I applied to WVU for a joint-degree at the College of Law and Public Administration (JD/MPA).

Why WVU Law?

I am a lifelong West Virginian and a proud Mountaineer. I have many friends in various fields (including law) that are graduates of WVU. I think this school is a fantastic institution of learning, and the College of Law is highly regarded both in WV and the US overall. I want to practice in WV, so it was a natural choice.

Law Interest:

I am interested in some type of governmental relations/regulatory law or criminal prosecution.

In 10 Years...

I want to be active in my community and statewide in a service capacity. I hope to have a successful and rewarding career practicing law. I have great political interest, so I would also like to be in some sort of elected position to further my desire for public service.

Outside of Law School...

I enjoy politics and campaigns, so I try to stay actively involved in those areas. I also enjoy mountain biking, playing tennis, and I constantly read on a wide range of subjects. I enjoy cooking and eating food from varying regions using different techniques. With my varied interests, it’s hard to nail down any specific hobby. I like keeping my life interesting and learning new things.

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