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Hannah Steketee

Hannah Steketee

Hannah Steketee - Class of 2020

Before law school

I graduated with my undergraduate degree in political science from Marietta College in Ohio in May 2017. In undergrad, I did two internships: one with the County Courthouse and one with the Public Defenders of Washington County.

Why WVU Law?

WVU Law offered me a great scholarship, but honestly I think it’s just a great school and I like that it’s nice and small. I grew up in Morgantown, but I knew a large school like WVU wasn’t for me. But the law school offers small classes and there is a small community here, which is a much better fit for my needs.

Law Interest

I’m considering environmental law, but I’m also interested in helping people through public interest law.

In 10 years…

I think I’d like to be a judge at some point, so hopefully I’ll be on the way to achieving that.

Outside of law school…

I played soccer at Marietta College, so I still play here. I really like to bake and cook, and I enjoy growing plants. I really enjoy succulents and cactuses. 

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