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Calvin Thomas

Calvin Thomas

Calvin Thomas - Class of 2019

Before Law School

Before I came to law school I was a very, very busy student athlete. I went to school at Houston Baptist University and majored in legal studies. Aside from all my work in the classroom, I was busy with coaches, training, traveling and competing on Saturdays.

After four years of competing and going to class, I decided to take a year off before coming to law school to spend with my family. At that time, I travelled to Mexico and the Bahamas and a few other places. My favorite place I travelled was the Dominican Republic for my nephew’s wedding. I was far enough away from home that I could actually see another part of the world. When I was in Mexico, being from Texas, it was still close to home. But this was a totally new world, and it was a humbling experience.

Why WVU Law?

Where I grew up, there was a negative feeling towards what the law is and who enforces the law. So, because of those personal experiences and then being able to go to college, I want to be able to bridge the gap between the misunderstandings of law in lower income communities to how things should be properly done and how it can affect everyone in a neighborhood.

I chose WVU because I felt that, based on my visit here, it had a welcoming atmosphere. My first day here, I sat in on a Constitutional Law class, and three students talked to me about how fun it is to be here and how everyone is engaged together in an environment that encourages and promotes learning. I felt like there was a strong sense of community, and everyone shared a common goal of learning no matter what aspect of law they were interested in.

Law Interest:

My main interest is business law, but I am also interested in civil rights law. Right now, I’m at a point where I’m able to talk to my professors about how to bridge that gap between the two.

In 10 years…

I think, ultimately, I want to be involved in a non-profit organization from the business side combined with the civil rights side to create an organization that helps lower income communities.

In 10 years, I see myself working side by side with leaders from multiple professions at a non-profit organization helping kids understand what career options they have. I want to show them, step by step, how they become a doctor or a lawyer or whatever they want to become.

Outside of Law School…

My hobbies outside of law school, despite four years of playing college football, definitely still include football. I love to play flag football and ultimate Frisbee because it’s the same concept to me. I play basketball, also.

I recently discovered the cartoon “We Bare Bears”, so I’ve been binge watching that on Hulu lately. I feel like watching cartoons helps alleviate all the stress of law school and reviewing all those cases.

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