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Anna Filatova

WVU Law Anna Filatova '21

Anna Filatova - Class of 2021

Before Law School…

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the last four years. I was a lawyer in Russia before I came to America, so this will be my second law degree. In Russia, I did litigation work for energy companies.

Why WVU Law?

My husband is from Morgantown and works at Mylan, and we are raising our child here. I never even looked at other schools.

Law Interest?

I want to go into public interest or maybe something pertaining to international relationships.

In 10 years…

I hope my life is pretty much the same in 10 years as it is now, but I will be practicing law instead of being a law student. I want to have more children and find a nice balance between doing the work I enjoy doing and raising my family.

Outside of Law School…

I like to learn about Eastern wellness practices, like yoga and meditation. I practice mindfulness, and I once meditated around 100 hours in 10 days.

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