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WVU Law Family Law Quarterly

Family Law Quarterly

The FLQ is published by the American Bar Association and edited by a team of students and Kendra Huard Fershee, associate dean of academic affairs and professor of law, at WVU Law.

The purpose of the Family Law Quarterly (“FLQ”) is, first, to make a significant contribution to the legal community by publishing material of practical and theoretical importance, and, second, to give students an opportunity to work on important legal scholarship.

The Board of Editors consists of law professors, judges, and lawyers who specialize in family law. The Board of Editors is responsible for soliciting choosing topics for publication and finding authors to write articles on those topics. The Editor in Chief serves as the Chair of the Board of Editors.

Second and third year students are eligible to be members of the FLQ. New members to the FLQ will be considered Junior Members (JM); members who have spent one year as a Junior Member will be considered Senior Members (SM). There will be one position available to an SM to become the student Editor in Chief, and there will be one or two positions available to an SM to become an Executive Research Editor. The student Editor in Chief and the student Executive Research Editor(s) may be eligible for scholarship money that is awarded by the ABA each year.

2016-17 WVU Law Student Membership

Student Editor in Chief
Michelle Schaller

Technical Editors
Taylor Coplin
Lisa Hartline

Managing Editors
Meagan Preece
Laura Richmond
Jessica Smith
Kayla Stickley
Briana Stevens

Senior Editors
Michael “Ty” Clifford – Student Senior Technology Editor
Rachel Roush – Student Senior Managing Editor

Junior Members
Diandra Bosch
Courtney Crowder
Cassandra Forbes
Aaron Johnson
Kirsten Lilly
Jonathan “Wes” Prince
Jaden Rhea
John Rogers
Breanne Spitznogle
Darian Spurlock
Cody Swearingen
Alex Urban
Katherine Ward
Alexis Wiley

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