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Culture of Excellence

WVU Law students are always doing outstanding things—we hear about them, we see them. The mission of the Culture of Excellence Program is to officially recognize these outstanding students and/or student organizations.

Exemplary students or organizations may show excellence in a number of ways, including volunteerism, random acts of kindness, or outstanding co-curricular or extracurricular performance.

Culture of Excellence Award Winners

Spring 2021

Carrie Miller '23

Natalia Watkins '22

Christine Jacobs '21

Women's Leadership Council

Fall 2020

Carrie Miller '23

Casey Putney '22

Jordan McMinn '21


Spring 2020

Aliah Hasan '22

Lauren Cyphers '21

Amanda Demmerle '20

Black Law Students Association

Fall 2019

Christine Jacobs '21

Ashley Faulkner '21

Democratic Law Caucus and Republican National Lawyers Association

Gabbie Marcum '20

Spring 2019

Ashley Faulkner '21

Emily Ford '20

Stephen Scott '19

Women’s Leadership Council

Fall 2018

Emily Neely '21

Julian Pecora '20

Women’s Leadership Council

Laura Babiak '19

Spring 2018

Black Law Student Association

Energy Law Association's Cassie Forbes and Clayton Harkins

Anthony Gutta

Tiffany Kent, Melanie Thompson, and Laura Davidson

Fall 2017

Shane Young

Spring 2017

Lou Couch

Eleanor Hurney

Liz Stryker

Community Service Council

Fall 2016

Zachary Gray

Black Law Students Association

Spring 2016

Andrew Waight

Phil Wachowiak

Spring Semester 2015

Stephanie Welsh

Martin McKeen

Fall Semester 2014

Art Wolf

Spring Semester 2014

Abbe Klezer

Fall Semester 2013

Spring Semester 2013
Alicia Lauderman

Fall Semester 2012

Zachary Kinnaird

Spring Semester 2012


Fall Semester 2012
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