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Budgeting for Student Organizations

General Supplies and Operating Expenses

Stenja McVicker is the designated budget officer under the University rules and regulations. Basic office supplies are available. See Lisa Berry in room 223. If your organization has need to make long distance calls or use the mail services, see Stenja McVicker in room 222. The items mentioned above are provided to the student organizations for reasonable usage. However, if you are planning an activity that requires the use of supplies, phone, or postage services beyond a reasonable amount, you should include those costs in the expenditure section of your event proposal.

Expenditure Guidelines

What do I include in my Budget?


If an expense is not included in your request, it will not be part of your allocation!


Expenditure Requests must be prepared carefully and include all necessary items. Budgets are used for planning purposes only! The “Expenditure Guidelines” that follow provide a list, as well as brief descriptions, of line items that may be part of your request. Please remember that Stenja McVicker (room 222) is available to assist you with the preparation of your expense budget. These requests are submitted to the President of the Student Bar Association (SBA) and the Executive Council. A “Student Organization Funding Request and Event Proposal Form” is attached as “Appendix C.” The form is also available on the SBA TWEN site, which also includes a sample completed form.


Include all expenses related to travel. Travel requires approval prior to incurring expenses. See “Approval Guidelines.” Students must complete travel approval request online thirty days prior to the event.

Printing Costs

Include expenditures for printing costs related to programs, invitations, certificates, awards, etc. Printing requires approval prior to incurring expenses. See “Approval Guidelines.”

Special Events / Receptions

Expenses for events include food, beverages (no alcohol), supplies, speaker expenses, copying of flyers or invitations, etc. Special Events require approval prior to incurring expenses. See “Approval Guidelines.”

Special Supplies, Telephone, and Mail/Postage

Budgets should include all general office supplies, as well as special supply needs. Supply requests must be submitted to Lisa Berry in Room 223. Supply purchases made by students will not be reimbursed.

If your event requires special office supplies or an increased use of telephone and postage, please include this cost in your event budget. This cost may be hard to estimate, but please try to calculate a reasonable figure.

Approval Procedures
(How Do I Receive Arrpoval to Spend My Budget?)

Once you have completed the form(s) and submitted to SBA, your request will either be approved or denied. Approvals may indicate some changes or a decrease in the funding request and are given to the Assistant Dean for her approval. She will indicate approval in writing, give to the Business Office staff, and they will forward a copy of the student organization officer making the request. If a proposal is denied either by SBA or the Dean, a justification will be provided.

Prior to making any expenditures, please see Diane Bragg, room 226B, or in her absence, Stenja McVicker, room 226C, several weeks in advance of your event. You will be able to discuss your expenditure requests and the best processes and procedure. For example, it may be possible that some items can be direct billed.

Please keep in mind that the Business Office must have original receipts for any reimbursements. Again, work with the Business Office staff if you have any questions.

Travel Guidelines

Travel must be approved by Assistant Dean Jernigan in advance of making travel arrangements.

In order to be reimbursed the following documentation is required for each of the following elements of travel:

  • Airfare – Original invoice with itinerary detailing the method of payment.
  • Rental Car – Original invoice/receipt detailing the method of payment.
  • Personal Car – Mileage will be reimbursed at about $.047 per mile. This amount is subject to change per state guidelines.
  • Ground Transportation (taxi, metro, bus, limo, etc.) – Original receipts.

*Please note that the most cost effective mode of transportation will dictate the amount of transportation reimbursement, i.e. if the cost of renting a vehicle is less than the standard mileage rate, you will only be reimbursed for the rental car cost.

This site provides information on your most effective travel options.

1. Lodging

An original receipt in the traveler’s name showing a zero balance must be submitted. The invoice must show itemized charges. The following items will not be reimbursed: in-room movies, honor bar charges, laundry/dry-cleaning charges. If the traveler’s spouse/guest stayed in the hotel room and there was a difference between the hotel’s single- and double-occupancy rate, the traveler will only receive reimbursement for a single-occupancy rate. Official documentation from the hotel of the difference in the single and double rates must be attached to the reimbursement request.

2. Meals

Meal reimbursement will be based on per diem authorized by the Federal Authorized Daily Rate (ADR). The ADR is dependent upon the location of travel and ranges from $46 to $71 per day. Partial per diem will be paid for the first and last day of travel. No meals will be paid for single day trips. No reimbursements will be made for alcoholic beverages.

3. Registration Fees

Documentation for event dates and location must be provided. Proof of payment (i.e. cleared check or zero balance receipt) must be submitted. Late fees/charges will not be reimbursed. GRATUITIES, TOLLS, PHONE CALLS, AND PARKING will be reimbursed at a reasonable rate. Receipts must be provided if available.

4. Reimbursement Deadlines

All travel reimbursement must be submitted to Dianne in Room 226B within forty-five days from travel date. If a request for reimbursement exceeds forty-five days, a letter from the traveler justifying the late request must be submitted with the request for reimbursement. Please submit your request in memo form and include date of travel, location of travel, reason for travel, required documentation, and your contact information.

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