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Return to the Hill

Welcome back to Law School Hill. It will be good to see everyone. Things will [still] be a little different.

"Personal accountability is key to keeping our campus open this fall. Our Mountaineer Values – Service, Curiosity, Respect, Accountability and Appreciation – must guide us to make good choices that benefit our community at-large. We must be responsible not only for ourselves, but for each other. To do less would not be a reflection of who we are. I expect each of us to follow the protocols and guidelines to keep our entire West Virginia University community safe."  — E. Gordon Gee, President, West Virginia University

We will be adding law school-specific information to this page. Be sure to visit Return to Campus for detailed information from WVU.

Information Specific to WVU Law

Things are slightly different up on Law School Hill than the rest of WVU, so we wanted to give you a general picture of where we are—what we know, and frankly, what we are still working on. This information is to the best of our knowledge right now, and of course things can change, so please bear that in mind as we go forward.

  • Students should not come to class until they have been tested by the University and have a negative test result.
  • Room Capacity. You may have heard that the University is requiring us to only utilize 50% of room capacity as a social distancing measure. Unlike downtown, we are pleased to say that we have rooms large enough to accommodate all of our classes at this 50% room capacity guidelines if we utilize the Event Hall and the Lugar Courtroom for our larger classes. Accordingly, at this time we do not think that we will need to split classes or take other extraordinary measures due to room size - you may, however, been in a different room than you are used to.
  • Minimal Changes to the Class Grid. Although we have had to re-assign rooms, we have not had to re-organize the class grid significantly at this point in time. There are a few classes that we may need to move, but they are very limited in number. As the revised scheduled is finalized, we may need to extend the time between classes in order to facilitate extra cleaning. This may mean that we have to shift start and stop times for some classes slightly, but we are trying to maintain the integrity of the class blocks so that we don't create additional class conflicts. More to follow on this.
  • Online Classes. The University is going to allow some professors to teach fully online next year due to health concerns. That process is ongoing at the moment, so we do not know for sure which classes it will affect. When we do know, we will be sure to release that information so you can make choices accordingly. Some of you may wish to avoid online classes, while others of you may wish to take more of them due to your own personal circumstances. Either way, as soon as we know which classes that will affect, we will let you all know.
  • Student Accommodations. We know that there are some students that have personal health concerns as well. We anticipate that the University will have some process by which you can request accommodations, but that has not yet been established. We will let you know as soon as we know. If you already have accommodations with OAS, you might start the conversation with your contact in that office. In the interim, please feel free to reach out to Interim Dean Taylor or me with your questions and we will do our best to get you more information as soon as it is available
  • Masks and PPE. As you may have seen, the University will issue a PPE kit to each of us upon return to campus. The expectation is that masks will be worn by faculty, staff, and students during classes and in common areas so that we all do our part to minimize transmission of the virus and to keep each other safe. As you all can recognize and appreciate for our community, this is both a matter of mutual respect and professionalism. The University is finalizing various guidelines and processes regarding compliance, including disciplinary action for faculty and staff who do not comply and sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct for students who do not comply. The most up-to-date information about the University’s policies about masks can be found in the campus conversation on Academic Affairs on June 11 found here: and on the webpage here:
  • George R. Farmer, Jr. Law Library. For information on the reopening of the law library, visit

Some Key Points from WVU

  • All faculty, staff and students who will be on campus this fall will be tested before classes begin.
  • WVU will continue to de-densify its campuses.
  • Classrooms will be reduced in density by 50% when possible.
  • All faculty, staff and students will need to complete a COVID-19 education module by Aug. 11.
  • WVU will require that all faculty, staff, students and visitors wear masks while on campus (including in class).
  • All social distancing protocols will be adhered to the extent possible.
  • Classes will be held on campus Aug. 19 through Tuesday, Nov. 24.
  • Students will not return to campus following Thanksgiving Break. One week of online instruction will follow Thanksgiving Break, with finals being conducted online.
  • All faculty, staff and students will receive a welcome back kit that contains a cloth mask or gaiter, disposable masks, hand sanitizer and a safe touch tool.

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