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Clinic materials

Family Court Forms – PDFs

Equal Access to Justice Act – Memo [6.89 KB]

The Equal Access to Justice Act has profound implications for Progressive Law Practice in West Virginia. Avoid Malpractice and Legal Angst. Download thisNOW.

Post Separation Adultery Issues – Memo [8.24 KB]

The article explores West Virginia Case law in the area of property rights of non-marital co-habitants and other issues regarding common law marriage.

Pain in the Fourth Circuit [22 KB]

Last Update: 1994-1995

Research under Social Security on evaluating a claimant’s subjective claims of disabling pain.

DMV search [2,843 bytes]

Last Update: 3-7-91

The method for requesting a Registration and License Search from the WV Department of Motor Vehicles.

Marginal IQ and Social Security eligibility [25 KB]

Last Update: 1-30-95

Research of the effect of marginal IQ on Social Security eligibility.

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