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Endowed Gifts

Endowed gifts are invested and only the earnings are spent. An endowment produces annual income to support, in perpetuity, the area of the College of Law to which the donor designates the gift.

Endowments can be established with gifts of cash, stocks, and mutual funds; from bequests in wills or living trusts; from life insurance policies; or from gifts of real estate.

They can be of varying amounts, supporting specific initiatives at the College:

• Scholarships
• Chairs
• Professorships
• Lectureships
• George R. Farmer, Jr. Law Library
• Facilities projects
• West Virginia Law Review
• Marlyn E. Lugar Trial Association
• Moot Court
• Clinical Law Program
• Center for Law & Public Service
• Public Interest Advocates 
• Unrestricted endowments supplementing gifts to the Dean’s Fund

Endowment Gift Naming Opportunities

Endowments for chairs, professorships, fellowships, and lectureships may be established with a contribution of not less than 10%, or $10,000, whichever is greater, of the required minimum listed below. The balance of the gift may be pledged and paid over five years.

The endowments created will honor those for whom they are named and will provide permanent support for the purposes specified.

Endowments can be built over time with additional gifts. They provide a wonderful tribute when established “in honor of” or “in memory of” family or friends.

WVU Foundation Endowment Minimums

  • Department/Division – Consultation Required
  • Deanship – Consultation Required
  • Chair – $1,500,000 (s)
  • Distinguished Chair – $3,000,000 (s)
  • Professorship – $500,000 (s)
  • Distinguished Professorship – $1,000,000(s)
  • Named Scholarship Program – $1,000,000
  • Presidential Scholarship – $100,000
  • Graduate Fellowship – $50,000
  • General Scholarship – $25,000
  • Faculty Enrichment Fund – $50,000
  • Student Enrichment Fund – $25,000
  • General Endowment – $25,000
  • Library (Endowment) Acquisitions Fund – $10,000

(s) = Supplements institutional base salary and related expenses.

To request additional information about endowing a Chair, Professorship, Fellowship, or Lectureship, please call 304-293-7367.


Endowed chairs, professorships, fellowships, and lectureships provide a means by which the WVU College of Law can recruit and retain, on a competitive basis, outstanding teachers, scholars, and researchers.

Existing WVU College of Law Chairs

  • Robert T. Donley Chair of Law
  • Arthur B. Hodges Chair of Law
  • William J. Maier, Jr., Chair of Law

Existing WVU College of Law Professorships

  • Thomas R. Goodwin Professor of Law
  • Roscoe P. and Hale J. Posten Professor of Law
  • Woodrow A. Potesta Professor of Law

Existing WVU College of Law Lectureships

  • Clark Family Lecture Series – John W. Fisher II Lecture in Law and Medicine
  • Edward G. Donley Memorial Law Lectureship
  • Edward G. Donley Memorial Law Speaker
  • Russell C. Dunbar Labor Law Lectureship
  • Charles L. Ihlenfeld Law Lectureship
  • Archibald McDougal Visiting Lectureship in International Law

Options which a donor may use to fund a law chair, professorship, fellowship, or lectureship include gifts of cash, insurance, retirement assets, appreciated securities, and real estate, or through a bequest.

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