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Dean's Fund

The WVU College of Law Dean’s Fund is made up of unrestricted gifts (gifts the donor does not restrict for a specific purpose.)

Gifts made to the Dean’s Fund allow the Dean to address the most pressing needs of the College, and to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities for learning and service to legal education. Gifts to the Dean’s Fund can be used to augment and solidify academic programs, purchase materials and equipment, and support faculty and student scholars. They provide vital support for any number of areas at the law school and are critical to the enhancement and the long-term growth of the College and its programs.

Contributing to the Dean’s Fund is a concrete way for you to express your belief in the importance of the College’s mission to provide a quality learning experience for its students, and to provide meaningful service for citizens of the state. Through your support, you affirm your commitment to ensuring the College’s strength and vitality in the 21st century.

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