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WVU Law graduates celebrating

West Virginia Loyalty Tuition Program

Out-of-state students who graduate from any college or university in West Virginia - public or private - get in-state tuition at WVU Law.

WVU Law gives a special tuition break to residents of other states who graduate from any college or university in the state.

Non-residents who graduate from a public or private higher education institution in West Virginia are eligible for in-state tuition from the College of Law.

To qualify for the  Loyalty Tuition Program, students must earn a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited college or university in the state.

The program is about creating opportunities for law students who already have strong ties to West Virginia.

As explained by Dean Gregory Bowman:

“We are offering non-resident students a more affordable way to earn a J.D. from a top-rated, best-value law school without leaving West Virginia. They already know and appreciate our state, and we think this program is a great way to encourage them to stay in West Virginia while also saving money on law school tuition.”

For more information, contact the Admission office at (304) 293-5304 or

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