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WVU Law Geneva Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Gain perspective on U.S. laws and an understanding of another country’s laws and culture. It's also an adventure of a lifetime.

Combining one’s legal education with studying abroad greatly enhances the law school experience.  I experienced this first hand while studying abroad in Mexico. During my time there, I saw firsthand the impact of international trade laws, which I had studied the prior semester. Moreover, I learned about the differences between Mexican law and American law in areas such as finance, banking, property, and elections. Further, I learned about traveling abroad, and how to adapt to different surroundings. At a more basic level, the experience showcased the common elements of humanity that exist despite the stark cultural and linguistic differences which we share. Overall, studying abroad helps to make one’s legal education more complete and worthwhile. — Imad Matini, Class of 2014, Clerk for Hon. Frederick Stamp Jr., Senior U.S. District Judge, Wheeling, WV


The Geneva Summer Study Abroad Program focuses on international trade law. International trade has dramatically transformed the globe since World War II, and nearly half of U.S. GDP is now related to international trade. Lawyers need to understand how international trade works, what opportunities it can bring, and what challenges it can present.


The Study Abroad Program in Guanajuato, Mexico focuses on immigration and migration law. 


The Brazil Study Abroad Program is a 3 hour course offered at the West Virginia University College of Law which gives law students the chance to do a comparative legal study in Brazil. The program is led by professors at the WVU College of Law and was created by Professor Andre Douglas Ponde Cummings. The course begins with class sessions in the states focusing on the social history of Brazil, politics, and Portuguese lessons led by fluent Portuguese students. Students then travel to Brazil and continue the comparative legal study while taking in the culture and beauty of the country. Students complete a research paper after returning from the trip.

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