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JD/Online MBA

The JD and Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) dual degree program provides a multifaceted education that combines the knowledge and skills of two extremely dynamic and intertwined professions.

Combined Study

Importantly, you can complete the JD and Online MBA degree programs in three years, which is less time than if each were pursued separately.

You’ll begin the JD/Online MBA degree program after completing your first year of law school. In your second year, you’ll start taking MBA classes. You may choose the JD/Online MBA degree option before you begin law school or you may decide up to the beginning of your second year of law school.

Vital Curriculum 

The MBA curriculum integrates the study of the law with the latest knowledge and practices in today’s business sector through courses such as:

  • Integrated Global Business
  • Managerial and Team Skills
  • Business Research
  • Macroeconomics

Career Choices 

The dual JD/Online MBA degree is an excellent option if you hope to pursue a career in banking, management, or government. Or, a joint degree will equip you to go into consulting or corporate positions in legal, tax, or accounting departments.

How to Apply

To enter the dual degree program, you must apply separately to both colleges. Each applicant is responsible for completing all standardized tests required for admission and for completing all requirements for graduation for each degree.

For More Information

Contact  Professor Jena Martin at the College of Law or Joey VanDevender at the College of Business and Economics.

WVU JD/OMBA Program Course Requirements - PDF

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